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How it works

**Please check our Facebook and Instagram page to make sure the farm is open.  We may have to close due to weather or flower shortages.**

-The farm is located at 412 GOOD HOPE ROAD in Naylor, GA.  We will be open every Saturday throughout the summer from 9-1:00 PM.

-Please pay attention to all vehicle directional signs. There is a specific way to enter the u-pick area.

-Find the check in area where you will receive all the information you need to get started.

-Decide what size flower sleeve you want to purchase. Grab your container to harvest your flowers in and a set of clippers. Both will be returned to the same check in area when you are finished.

-Pick your flowers, be sure to check all the rows there is so much beauty out there. 

-Be sure to visit our farmstand, we will have t-shirts, honey, shelled pecans, and other local goodies.

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