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What to Bring

Our farm is located at 412 Good Hope Road, Naylor, GA.

Hours of Operation:

Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

You will be walking around a lot. Please be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable for you to walk in. The flower fields can be wet if it rained the day before, so consider rain boots or sneakers that are okay to get dirty, this is a farm after all! 

We provide clippers for you to cut the flowers with.  You can pick these up at the check-in as well as a container to put your flowers in.  You will take your flower home in a Kraft paper sleeve. 

We have free popsicles for kids when available.

Don't forget sunscreen.  This South GA heat is brutal. 

Please accompany all kids at all times.

What Not to Bring

No Pets.  Health and safety regulations prohibit pets and support animals in the fields, sorry for the inconvenience.  

Anyone who is allergic or has a severe reaction to bee stings.  The flower fields do have several different pests.  While most of them are not interested in hurting you, we want you to be aware there is a possibility.

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