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Amazon Gift Guide: The 6 Gifts you Need to Give this Holiday Season!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Coming into Bloom, a podcast with hosts Lisa Biles & Caitlynne Youmans drops every Monday wherever you listen to podcasts. In Episode 4, coming out November 28th, Lisa and Caitlynne discuss their six favorite gifts they have either given or received during the holiday season that came from Amazon. Learn about these gifts in this blog post!

1. Rolling Branch Farms: Pecan Pieces and Halves

Rolling Branch Farms is so excited to announce that their pecans are now available on Amazon! You can find these deliciously buttery treats here:

The best gift Lisa has ever received from Amazon are these packing cubes. Coming in a set of 7 cubes, these are the best gift to give to a friend who loves to travel!

These are lightweight, durable, and water resistant. For only $16.99, this is the perfect set to receive this holiday season!

The squatty potty is the best gift Caitlynne has ever received during Christmas. This hilarious gift is perfect for a white elephant gift exchange, or your friend who enjoys their bathroom time (LOL).

For only $24.99 you can give someone the most memorable gift they'll ever receive!

Lisa says that you cannot go wrong with giving a special someone in your life a fancy rechargeable mirror! This portable, lightweight, and smaller mirror is perfect for your on-the-go friends.

It folds up perfectly to place in your luggage, and is a beautiful rose gold color. No more using your car's mirrors and awful lighting trying to throw on some last minute makeup!

The best stocking stuffer on the market is arguably a gift card. However, the best one to give is the Amazon gift card!

If you're doing a secret Santa at work and do not know much about your receiver, consider this versatile gift for them!

You literally can't go wrong with giving someone a throw blanket. Even better, give them the softest and cutest throw on Amazon! Enough said... Am I right?

Lisa came across this amazing sweater on Amazon last week, and wished someone had gifted this to her ages ago!

This "one size" sweater is the coziest and craziest piece of clothing Lisa has ever owned, but she wished that she had this years ago when they started growing Satsumas!

P.S. do you guys see how happy this sweater made her? Hilarious!!!

Tune into this episode, dropping November 28th, and hear more about each of these items and why they are the best to give and receive this holiday season!

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