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Celebrating you!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

When we decided to open the flower U-Pick at the beginning of June this year, we really did not expect much of a turnout. It was a new venture, and we were sure that no one knew or cared about picking their own bouquets.

Photo Credits: Logan Marie Photography

That first weekend we were open, we had an amazing turnout and it blew. our. minds. Maybe people were paying attention. Maybe they did see our posts, reels, and ads. Maybe we underestimated our reach.

Over the summer as our season wore on, our "maybes"began to fade. We realized people are paying attention. They do see our posts, reels, and ads. We underestimated our reach.

We were so blessed with all of the positive feedback, helpful suggestions, and the traffic from those visiting the farm just by our customers word of mouth.

We started really getting to know some of our customers, the "regulars" who came to our U-Pick multiple times. It is a pleasure learning about their love for flowers, their background in farming, and what they planned to do with their bouquets once they left the farm.

Each weekend we would walk away having learned things from our customers. We were taught how some of our customers grow sunflowers at their houses, what they do to giveback to the community, what weed barriers they prefer to use in their gardens, and so. much. more.

Saturdays easily became our favorite day of the week. (The kids we get to meet definitely help with that)! We never had a bad customer, our sales and visitors were steady, and the weather was always beautiful--hot, but beautiful nonetheless!

Then, something special happened in August. THREE WEEKENDS IN A ROW you all showed up and showed out at the farm! We broke our sales and visitors records over and over and over! We walked away having had so much support from everyone, that each weekend we were left speechless.

So, here we are, celebrating you all! THANK YOU to everyone who liked our posts, commented, shared them with friends. THANK YOU to everyone who visited our farm and raved about us to those they are closest with. Ultimately, THANK YOU to everyone who has played a part in what we have become!

To celebrate everyone, we have decided to start something special in our surrounding communities. The Flower Shed will be hiding flower bouquets throughout towns in and around Lakeland, Georgia!! We will randomly select towns and locations, place the flowers, and post clues on our social media for people to find them and take a bouquet home!

This is our own version of "hide and seek," if you will! We are so excited to share this experience with you all. VALDOSTA, stay tuned on our social media for a hidden bouquet of flowers very soon!

Photo Credit: Dani Marie Photo

Let us know in the comments below, where you would like to see a hidden flower bouquet next!

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