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Getting to know us: The Flower Shed

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The Flower Shed is a relatively new business that was started by an orthopedic surgery technician, Lisa Biles. Lisa was ready to get out of the operating room, and get home to raise her two sons with her husband Brent. Brent is a a former United States Marine, and had returned home after serving to get back to his roots--farming.

The Flower Shed is a part of Rolling Branch Farms. Rolling Branch started six years ago on a previously farmed pine tree property. Lisa and Brent harvested all the planted pine trees and replaced them with pecans and citrus. Two years after Brent began full-time farming, Lisa quit her job as a surgery technician and came home to farm flowers.

Fast forward to now, The Flower Shed is a U-Pick flower farm that also sells market bouquets to grocery stores. The domestic cut flower industry is booming in the U.S. and women like Lisa Biles are attributed to its success.

"Women are the future of Ag," reads Lisa's shirt in the picture above. There is an immense amount of truth in this statement. Women have always played part in behind-the-scenes of farming operations, but each day that passes, women are becoming more influential and vital to the agriculture industry.

Today, The Flower Shed is proud to be completely woman owned and operated. Lisa employs women-only crews to harvest, deadhead, pull weeds, and do all of the other vital field work. She also has hired myself, Caitlynne Youmans, as the farm's social media brand manager. Of course, Lisa herself also gets down and dirty every day to keep the farm running smoothly.

Moms, daughters, aunts, grandmas, and more are visiting our farm each weekend. Often, they share their experience growing up on a farm, or what they do now to promote the agriculture industry. Our customers have shared their experiences as agriculture teachers, extension agents, past and present FFA and 4H members, farmers, and more. We value each and everyone of your stories and experiences, and are so thankful to have you all immerse yourselves in our farm every Saturday.

The Flower Shed is slowly transforming to become a relevant and vital part of the Lanier, Lowndes and surrounding counties community. This is because the farm has created a unique platform to share agriculture in a fun and exciting way. Keeping up with our Instagram reels and TikToks, social media posts, newsletter, and blog posts will give you as the consumer, insight to how a cut flower farm runs every-day.

Sharing agriculture to a community is a privilege we hold to the highest standard. We understand that without your support, The Flower Shed would not be a successful operation. You all are the reason we are who we are today!

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