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Happy Thanksgiving! 9 things the hosts of the podcast Coming into Bloom are thankful for this year.

Lisa Biles, owner of The Flower Shed and host of the podcast Coming into Bloom.

Photo by @danimariephoto on Instagram.

Lisa Biles and Caitlynne Youmans are the hosts of a new lifestyle podcast Coming into Bloom that drops each Monday wherever you listen to podcasts. Lisa and Caitlynne discuss the nine things that they are most thankful for this year in their newest episode Happy Thanksgiving that posted November 21, 2022.

1. Lisa is thankful for her Husband - Brent Biles.

Lisa and Brent Biles got married on August 14, 2010. The couple have been pecan farmers from the start and soon after added citrus trees to their property. Lisa took the leap to start growing cut flowers and they now balance all three crops while raising their two young boys.

Lisa is the most thankful for Brent and talks in this episode about what he is currently up to on the farm. You can learn more about their relationship by tuning into the podcast or by visiting their about page here.

Brent Biles in front of his citrus grove.

Photo by @danimariephoto on Instagram.

2. Lisa is thankful for her Kids.

One of the things the Biles pride themselves on is their farm being completely family oriented. Lisa and Brent are endlessly thankful to be parents to their two boys. [SPOILER ALERT: You will hear from their sons in episode 5 dropping on December 5th]!

The Biles Family of Rolling Branch Farms and The Flower Shed.

Photo by @danimariephoto on Instagram.

3. Lisa is thankful for flowers (& YOU)!

Lisa's second greatest pride and joy, the first being her two boys, is her flower farm. The Flower Shed just finished up its fourth growing season and made tremendous strides this year. She was able to expand her operation to become a U-Pick flower farm, and hired Caitlynne (aka, me!) to help her market both Rolling Branch and The Flower Shed.

Lisa's Tik Tok grew to over 11,000 followers and the farm's online dynamic has changed by adding this blog, and the podcast Coming into Bloom. We are now bringing you more content than ever before across a multitude of platforms!

Lisa had no idea the impact that her flower farm would have on customers and her community. The Flower Shed would not be where it is today without each of you supporting the farm every step of the way and with every new adventure. THANK YOU for making the farm what it is today!

Photo by @kaylieannephotography on Instagram.

4. Lisa is thankful for her family's good health.

Something that Lisa makes sure not to take for granted is her family's health. She expresses in this episode how thankful she is that her two sons are constantly healthy and happy.

Lisa and Brent both work hard to stay active and take care of their physical and mental health. Farming is no easy task, and setting time aside from being farmers and parents to ensure you are taken care of can be challenging in this industry.

Photo by @danimariephoto on Instagram.

5. Caitlynne is thankful for her job(s).

Working for the farm has been a privilege that take very seriously. I manage both of the farm's social media accounts across all platforms, write this blog, co-host with Lisa on Coming into Bloom, and handle their by-weekly email newsletters. Sign up for the newsletter here! Getting to work for a farm at this level while being in college full time is a really unique opportunity and I would not trade it for anything!

I also work at ABAC's Georgia Museum of Agriculture as a student worker. If you have never ventured that way to visit, it is a must see! I work in the facility rentals department and also help with some of their marketing.

Working two jobs is not always the easiest, but I love what I do and have the best bosses at both jobs! If I could work for the farm and the museum forever, I absolutely would.

Recent picture of an event at the museum by Caitlynne Youmans.

6. Caitlynne is thankful for her fiancé - Tristen.

Tristen and I met three years ago at the college we both go to. We are celebrating our third anniversary this week (on Thanksgiving) and are getting married next May after we both graduate from college!

To spare you the rest of the details, I will just plug Episode 2 of Coming into Bloom where you can learn all about my fiancé Tristen there.

Tristen and Caitlynne photographed by C. Morrison Photography.

7. Caitlynne is thankful for her pets.

I'm a hard core fur-mom and I love mine and Tristen's three pet babies so much! Our two dogs are adopted from animal shelters and we rescued our kitty from the streets of Tifton, Georgia.

Aldean, Tott, and Alaina.

8. Caitlynne is thankful for cold brew.

Subjectively, cold brew is the best kind of coffee. Yeah, iced lattes are yummy and drip coffee is classic... BUT there is something about cold brew that does it for me. I mean, what else is there to say except how thankful I am for a good 'ole cup of cold brew.

9. Lisa and Caitlynne are thankful for FARMERS!

Neither Caitlynne nor Lisa grew up on a farm. But, in their adult years they are tied to the farming industry in many different ways.

Consider if any of your family or close friends are farmers and give them some grace this holiday. It is so challenging taking a day or two off at the farm to make it to Thanksgiving dinner. Harvest season for many crops is happening right now around South Georgia, and missing even just one day from the farm can be a challenge for many farmers.

Take a look at your thanksgiving plate and think about how many farmers it took to make your meal. Thank a farmer, today and always.

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'ALL!

If you've made it this far, leave a comment below letting us know what you are thankful for! THANK YOU and have a safe and happy holiday!

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