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Kids Gift Guide (from the kid takeover podcast episode) Coming into Bloom

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Coming into Bloom is a podcast hosted by me (Lisa Biles) and Caitlynne Youmans. A new episode drops every Monday and you can listen to it wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 5 was entitled Kid Takeover. The kids came up with their own segments and one of those included a Kids Gift Guide. The items listed below are some ideas they came up with and things they thought kids their age would like.

Deane swears by this brand. He said it's very durable and loves the microphone feature. You flip the mic up to turn it off or down to talk. The white color is his favorite.

Deane has these on his list this year. He thinks the lights are really cool and said putting them up around the top of your room is the way to go. He also said you can use them behind electronics like your TV to add a "cool" touch.

Brantley loves his Nintendo switch. One of the features of the switch is being able to play it on your TV. The side joy cons slide off to allow two person play on certain games.

4. Gaming Gift Cards

Brantley loves all gaming gift cards. If you have a gamer to buy for these are easy and affordable. Gamers can purchase in-game items and also any expansion packs that the games come out with. The ones he recommends are: Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, VISA, and Roblox.

Tune into this episode dropping December 5 to hear them discuss these items and why they love them.

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