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Lisa's Favorite Tool: The Long Handled Bulb Planter (AKA a Transplanter).

We are constantly being asked about the tools and equipment we use here at The Flower Shed that help us in the field and beyond. People have reached out asking what we recommend for boots, sunscreen, clippers, soil, seeds, and much more.

But, the one question we seem to get over and over is wondering what this silver tubular tool is we use in a lot of our instructional videos! This is a long handled bulb planter, or what we like to call it, a transplanter. Whether you are new to the farming and gardening world, or if you have been in the game for a long time, this transplanter tool is a total game-changer.

We hope you enjoy this and if you use something similar, or have any other ideas of a great transplanting tool, let us know in the comments below or message us on any of our social media accounts!

Lisa was lucky enough to learn about this tool early on in her farming days. This saves so much time and energy when trying to get hundreds of flowers in the ground in one day.

Instead of crawling on your knees for hours at a time trying to get flowers into the ground, you can save your back and remain standing up!

The transplanter tool has three main parts: the opening at the top, the handle, and the spikes at the bottom. With the handle disengaged, stab the tool into the ground where you intend to transplant a seedling. Next, drop the seedling in the hole at the top. Then, squeeze the bottom of the handle. This forces the spikes at the bottom to open up, digging a perfect little hole for the seedling. While you still are squeezing the handle, lift up and over the seedling.

There you have it! Transplanting is as simple as squeezing a handle and dropping in a plant. Once all of your plants are in the ground, you can go back and cover some of the stem with soil in order to keep the newly transplanted seedling in place.

Check out these videos here to watch Lisa in action with this transplanting tool. The videos are sped up, but just imagine how much time she is saving by using this transplanter!

Lisa orders her transplanting tools on Amazon, here! Their price comes in just under $50 per transplanter, and if you take good care of them, one will last you multiple years.

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