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The weirdest flower we grow at The Flower Shed: Celosia

Hey y'all! Caitlynne is here today to tell you about the weirdest flower we grow at our flower farm in Naylor, Georgia: CELOSIA.

Celosia is believed to originate from the Mediterranean region, or South Africa. That means that celosia LOVES the heat. This is why it grows so well here at The Flower Shed in Naylor, Georgia.

Celosia comes in all different shapes and sizes, but has three main varieties; cockscomb, wheat, and plumed. For this blog, we are going to specifically talk about the cockscomb variety.

Because of the South Georgia heat, celosia blooms like crazy. But, it does have some weird aspects to it that we'd love to share with you below!

1. Celosia is weird to look at!

Cockscomb celosia are so weird to look at. They give off a bloom that looks like a human brain!

Most of our customers have never seen anything like this flower before! Many of our customers ask us questions about this flower when they see it for the first time.

2. It is great in arrangements, or on its own!

One of the weird things about celosia is how unique it looks in arrangements. It adds a whimsical bloom to bouquets that most people have never seen before!

Putting multiple celosia blooms together also makes a beautiful and unique bouquet on their own, without the help from other flowers.

3. Celosia can give off hundreds of seeds per bloom.

Celosia is definitely our most prolific flower at the farm, generally giving off hundreds of seeds per bloom. Celosia is unique because it starts seeding in the middle of its life cycle, unlike most of the flowers we grow that do not seed until the end of their life cycle.

It is weird to see how many seeds come out of one celosia bloom! Celosia seeds are nestled in the bloom and come out easily with wind or human intervention. This flower often seeds itself, and this year we had an entire field of celosia come up from last year's crop!

4. They can grow extremely tall!

When celosia reach full maturity, these plants can be weirdly tall compared to other flowers we grow! Caitlynne mentions in the video above that many celosia plants at the farm are taller than her, and she is 5 foot 8 inches tall!

If you think celosia is just as weird as we do, let us know in the comments below!

If you have taken any pictures of celosia at our farm, post them to your Instagram or Facebook stories and tag us! We are on Instagram @theflower_shed and Facebook @theflowershedfarm.

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