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What's Blooming? January 2023 Recap.

Nurture. To take care of, protect, feed, to help develop.

Nurture is The Flower Shed's word of the year! In 2022, we focused a lot on growth. Our farm expanded into being open to the public throughout the summer through our first ever U-Pick. This growth and more is great, but we forgot about nurturing that growth.

We shifted into a "checklist" mindset. Each day was filled with a to-do list, rather than taking time to appreciate what was around us. This year, we have challenged ourselves to be more nurturing to not only the flowers, but our social media, podcast, families, and obstacles.

Late December and Early January started out with a devastating freeze to our citrus crop. This unfortunate freeze that ended our season two months early, allowed us to shift into flowers a little earlier than we originally anticipated.

We got our greenhouse finished (pictured above) in January! This is a HUGE step for us, getting so much space to get flowers in the ground this early in the year. You can see our old DIY greenhouse made from a recycled trampoline below.

Now, we have more room to nurture our seeds and plants. The new greenhouse also gives us way more control over the temperature and humidity inside.

After the greenhouse was complete, we got to planting. Take a look at all of these beautiful transplants ready to make their way into the greenhouse!

2023 is looking up, as we have so many amazing things in store for the farm. We cannot wait to take you along with us, this growing season!

Below are some more pictures we have taken so far this year. Stay up to date on the farm and our day-to-day behind the scenes by following our social media accounts!

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